• Best Technical Paper at the Web 4 All 2018 conference for the paper “Detecting Autism Based on Eye-Tracking Data from Web Searching Tasks” (authors (in order): Yaneva, V., Ha, L.A., Eraslan, S., Yesilada, Y. and Mitkov, R.)
  • Best Paper by a Young Researcher Award at EUROPHRAS 2017 for the paper “Cognitive Processing of Multiword Expressions in Native and Non-native Speakers of English: Evidence from Gaze Data” (authors (in order): Yaneva, V. Taslimipoor, S., Rohanian, O., and Ha, L. A).
  • Best Paper Award at RANLP 2017 for the paper “Using Gaze Data to Predict Multiword Expressions” (authors (in order): Rohanian, O., Taslimipoor, S., Yaneva, V. and L. A. Ha ).
  • Best Paper Award at the Student Research Workshop held in conjunction with Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP), Hissar, Bulgaria, September 5-11, 2015 for the paper “Easy-read Documents as a Gold Standard for Evaluation of Text Simplification Output” (authors: Yaneva, V.).